Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Appetit

Since it's mini-challenge time once again (and before i go to a shallow slumber it's past 2 am here in the Philippines that's why my body can't take it anymore lol), I would like to compose a blog about Book Appetit. Currently am reading Love Walked In by Marisa delos Santos. For sure, variety of coffee and tea would be served since am inspired to do a la coffee shop theme where Cornelia is working at the story. Tea sandwiches, pastries like cheese cake slice, blueberry cheese cake, choco cake slice, ham and cheese croissants are also a must and bagel too. Hmm since the author is a Filipino so we'll put a Filipino touch to it by having our very own kapeng barako and tsokolate eh and tsokolate ah and stuffed pandesal too.Hot coffee will also be served, several tea and coffee concoctions both hot and iced will be serve to. For the music, am thinking of slow and chillaxing music, at times may be jazz and at times mellow music too. Decor is somewhat homey and you can smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, essence of chocolate and the freshness of pastries and breads being sold at the cafe. Will also have barista too but encouraging my guests to be their own barista, concocting their own drinks and/or making their fave drinks too. With tea candles on each table and fresh flowers adorning the place.
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