Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Blog-mas? Feeling grateful!

Christmas is almost just around the corner and yet you could not see any trace of Christmas decor in my place (lol). I am not being a scrooge but we are just currently in the process of moving plus busy with other stuff as well. We may get a small christmas tree with leaves that are fiber optic which are cool. 

Whenever I watch youtube, I could feel that christmas is really here and coming. The youtubers are blogging about getting christmas trees, decors and gifts plus more which are inspiring really but for some reason is not giving me enough urge to get all christmassy and they are video blogging it and called their vlogs "Vlogmas". They are chronicling snippets of their lives from december 1st till christmas which is I must say awesome on how they do it daily or weekly , all the vlogging and the editing plus their daily tasks and appointments too.

This is the season to be giving and be kind to one another but of course we have to be like that all year long really and not just during christmas time. Just mysterious on whatever is in the air during Christmas season that turns people to be more kind to one another.

I am grateful for the blessings and miracles happening everyday. And yes even for the dramas too (true!). I really wanted to pay it forward and be a blessing to others too. So when opportunity knocked, I gave it a thought and helped. A few years back, someone helped me financially and been a blessing to me and that was the time we were really cash strapped. When we talked then, my friend told me someone helped him too and promised to himself to pay it forward when opportunity knocks. (Thank you and I will forever grateful to that person, thank you so much!). 

Christmas is not just giving gifts or money, why not give things that you can give like time, love, help, support or whatever. You can even DIY your gifts too, right (gifts that are made with love)? 

Big hugs to you all and advanced merry christmas and be a blessing!

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