Thursday, February 08, 2007

this lady's life

I always looked for something. it's like a wanderlust or something. i couldn't determined what i really wanted in my life. kaya am tryin my options. pero sometimes it's cool to try out new things, be open to opportunities and endure challenges and hardships in life with open arms and open mind and heart. it's kinda weird but yes that what i am. right now since it's 2007 am thankful that we already moved to a new place, have a flat on our own, no one to pry around and looked around. right now am looking for a new job to go back to call center the industry where i grew up professionally and maturely i guess, dito na ako lumaki at dito na umikot buhay ko. before i tried to go to other industries but i guess i'll go back to this work dito ako sanay eto yung gamay ko, kaya eto sana palarin ako so wish me luck.
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