Sunday, December 07, 2008

Golden Bride

Another K drama I loved thanks again to TV5 right now am looking for its dvd and so with oh soojung pls leave a comment here if you know where to get it thanks

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"Golden Bride", a story about a Vietnamese girl marrying into a Korean family, has won the Special Drama Award at the International Drama Festival in Tokyo (IDFT) on October 22. The first episode of the series was also screened at the festival. This is the second honor for "Golden Bride" at international drama festivals, following the top prize at the Seoul Drama Festival on October 14.

The IDFT is an award putting emphasis on marketability and commercial potential of TV drama series for the purpose of overseas distribution. This year's IDFT has invited acclaimed TV series from four countries – Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

"Golden Bride" was aired in 2007 on SBS and starred Lee Yeong-ah in the leading role of Nyuen Jinju and Song Chang-ee as her husband. The drama had won high marks from both the critics and the public for its sensitive portrayal of a foreign bride's plight in Korea and the value of human bonding and understanding.

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Olive Nine (올리브나인)

60 min HD 16/9
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Broadcasting dates : 2007/06/23~2008/02/3
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