Sunday, April 10, 2011

24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Character Crush Mini Challenge by JD Montague

I believe my answer for that would be from the book am currently reading , character's name is Kai Carson, a surf instructor based on Hawaii who knows what he wants and contented with his life, knows how to have fun and his incredible charm would sweep you off your feet. Don't get me wrong I love my life now and who I am with but given that I will be in a fictitious world I would love to run away with him. On an online game I am incline with as of the present, I am learning how to surf and of course I would love to go to Hawaii (especially after watching Blue Hawaii). Experience the luau, dance with the hula girls, experience the ultimate sun, sand, surf, water experience with the most incredibly utterly enviable man you could be with plus the fact that he will teach you surf "PERSONALLY" and one-on-one (if you could concentrate with the lessons *giggles*). Of course I would snatch him with me and take him to La Union here in the Philippines for the ultimate surfing experience and go to Boracay for the most memorable stay on the beach and who knows he could not only my fling *winks*.I would definitely take him to Batanes, one of the most utterly serene and beautiful provinces here wherein toi experience the nature there (the beach, the water, the surroundings and more), the people and the culture and of course be with him night and day *winks*. OMG! If I will find a person like him if I am in a fiction book I would definitely run away with him knowing he knows how to treasure and love his girl. *whew*
**character based on the book by Jane Porter (love you girl you rock!!) which is Flirting with Forty
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