Sunday, April 10, 2011

24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Movie Madness Mini Challenge by JD Montague

Alright this could be a toughie hmmmm let me think through.. Alright I got this book in mind I loved this book and the story and the characters..Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I always have somewhat a penchant for chicklit and this is a definite chicklit that you would want to see in the movies. It shoudl be directed by Nora Ephron (man she made a great job directing You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle just to name a few). People especially the working girls and the ones in-between-jobs or the ones who wanted to define their life's purpose and meaning. Let's face it Devil wears Prada was a sure hit and having this character of Samantha a workaholic attorney who went to an utter meltdown of her life or well of her career too after having just did the unthinkable that could wreck her chances for a partnership., just stepped out of her London office, ride the tube and landed on a place or town not known to her and .. well several events happened to her that made her rethink her life and what she wanted. Definitely her boo boos would be a laugh trip and her meeting the most charming man would definitely swoon you while watching this movie. DEFINITELY!!
Alright for movie turned into a book .. hmmm.. let's see.. Pretty Woman would definitely do the trick ..a book-worthy. This would tells us the story of Vivian who she is and how she found her "prince charming" in character of Edward, a wealthy businessman whom she met while he was asking for directions and just made a business deal with her. *winks*  I, for one, would definitely buy this book because for starters this would be  a chicklit and for sure people would buy this .. falling in line to buy this once it is release so that they wanted to know more that Vivian, a callgirl, her life and her experiences and how she met Edward who would turn out her love she is looking for. (oohhh I love this part OMG!)
So there read-a-thoners, a piece of my mind about this challenge, hope you'll enjoy this!
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