Monday, June 22, 2015

New name (sort of) for the blog name

Since I started blogging, the name "inside the mind of a mag-a-holic" got stuck in me since I love to read and browse through local and international magazines may it be fashion, lifestyle, inspirational or whatever struck my fancy. Every month, you can expect from me that I have a copy of magazine that I follow ever since  like Cosmopolitan Philippines (since they started some years ago). I know then that I wanted to be a Cosmo girl .. be fun, fearless and fierce  on which I was not.  That magazine stands out from most that I saw or read back then and it kind of grew with me.

Since my grade school years (about 5th or 6th grade I think) I started my love affair with magazines. One magazine that I made sure that I will buy with what I saved then with my allowance was Glitter magazine (anyone remember that magazine?). To think its pages are newsprint and I think it was worth 20 plus  pesos (am not so sure, pardon my memory) but I got updated with the stars, lifestyle and stuff with that magazine. It is sad that the magazine did not exist anymore but we sure had something then (LOL)!

Hence, I decided to start a blog with the name "inside the mind of a mag-a-holic" because of that PLUS I thought it has a ring on it, a recall.  But since nothing is constant but change, I decided to tweak this blog of mine and renamed it. Hey change is good right?! So here it is.. presenting to you all.. "Inside the mind of bellasearcher" . Feel free to share the love about this blog and hopefully to keep you all updated! Love you all! *kisses*

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